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Half Priced Books

Tomorrow, Red Rose Publishing is offering all e-books at half price. :)

Here's the link for Pure Magic, you cannot pass it up. ;)

Happy New Year All!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Party at Savannah Chase's Yahoo group

Okay poster isn't working. Go figure! I am part of the bash at Savannah Chase's Yahoo group on Saturday. A little late I know but such is life.

It's quite the list of others as well.

Join her group at The sooner, the better!

Have a good night all!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Desperately Seeking Santa by Jane Beckenham

By Jane Beckenham
Red Rose Publishing
Holiday/ Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-249-8
What’s in your Christmas Stocking?

Dreams and fantasies are just that for Mandy Brooks, assistant manager of Wentworth’s, an upmarket department store. Work always gets in the way. But then that is exactly how Mandy likes it. Until Christmas comes round again and she’s forced to play the part of Mrs Santa.

Christmas day five years ago, Tate Sullivan left town. It was also the day Mandy ditched him at the altar. Forced back because of his father’s death, he knows he’s got unfinished business with Mandy Brooks. He wants her back in his bed on his terms, his way. He’s out for revenge. It’s meant to be sweet, isn’t it?

Excerpt 1
He’d returned.
Her body preened its thanks, arching from the downy folds of the bedcovers, aching for his touch, temptation overruling any coherent thought.
This was her fantasy played out in the shadowy hours of pre-dawn. She welcomed him with open arms, an internal greed of sensual need cohabited with the desperation of an addict for a fix.
He was her fix. And she wanted him. Now!
Each night proved the same. He came. He teased. And she desperately wanted him.
She couldn’t see him clearly, the mists of fantasy versus reality obscuring him partly. But it was what he did to her that called to her.
His kisses. His touch. His loving.
It refueled her hope he would return.
His hand caressed her breast, tipping her into a world of mindless pleasure.
The purr seemed a whisper at first, slowly intensifying, dragging her heated body from his arms. He shifted away and instantly a sense of bereavement washed across her nakedness left cold and empty by his departure.
“No. Please stay. Love me.”
“Because I...”
The acerbic ring of her alarm sliced through her dreams with a brutal thrust. She jolted upright, shocked at her traitorous body and mind.
She’d been about to say she loved him. But how could she love a fantasy?

Excerpt 2
Santa leaned against a railing of silky teddies and thongs, all pink fluff and feathers along with black lace and faux fur. Mandy blinked several times. The guy didn’t move. The look on his face, humor and downright daring indicate he knew exactly what he leaned against. But still he stayed there. His arms crossed his chest, pulling the red suit across his broad shoulders. The fabric stretched and Mandy’s eyes widened. This was no weasely old man Santa and she wondered for the first time, what lay beneath all that fake Santa stuff?
“The phone lines are down,” he said, suddenly breaking into her heated thoughts.
Mandy shook her head, tendrils falling loose across her face. It tickled and she roughly brushed it away, tucking it behind her ears.
“Don’t do that.”
Her hand stalled, a strand of hair still between her thumb and forefinger. “Pardon?” Had she heard right, the guys voice was kinda muffled beneath all those whiskers.
“I liked it like that.”
Her brows puckered. Liked? Mandy snapped her thoughts closed. “The phone,” she prompted.
“The phone lines are out. Must have hit the mobile phone tower too, because can’t get a signal on my phone. The storm has struck so it looks like we’ll have to stay the night.”
“You want to what?" Shocked, Mandy gaped at Santa. "Sleep here?” She took a quick inventory. Not a bed in sight. “You've got to be joking. Besides, it's Christmas Eve."
"Got anywhere else to go?"
Mandy’s jaw dropped, but no words came out while a stain of heat scalded her cheeks. She didn't have anywhere else to go No family. No life. Christmas as far as she was concerned was a non-event. But she wasn't about to admit that. She tucked her suddenly fidgeting hands behind her. “Don't you?” she questioned as a counter-defense.
Desperation hiked up ten-fold. “But we're locked in, everyone's gone home. What'll we do?"
“Told you. Sleep."
Mandy stared into the dimness all around them, expecting, praying a security guard would walk out of the increasing darkness. “"You can't sleep here. This is a department store."
“Sure I can. There's a bed, isn't there?" he said pointing towards the Santa grotto.
“That's Santa's sleigh!"
“Bed, sleigh, what's the difference?" He shrugged and his bushy white brows wiggled. “You're a mite picky for someone stuck in a department store, don’t ya think?" He strode towards the sleigh and without thinking she found herself following him. Santa was in full force tossing out presents...well boxes of various sizes and colors intended to grant every child's desire, as she side-stepped the elve’s mushroom stand.
“Which side do you want?"

You can find this book at Red Rose Publishing's site.

A Chat with Jane Beckenham

I asked Jane to give me a little background on herself as well as tell us a little bit about Desperately Seeking Santa. She lives in NZ so I asked to know a little bit about that too. :)

Author Jane Beckenham found literature at a young age. In books she discovered dreams and hope, stories that inspired in her a love of romance, and travel. Years later, after a blind date, Jane found her own true love and married him eleven months later. Life has been a series of ‘dreams’ for Jane. Dreaming of learning to walk again after spending years in hospital. Dreaming of raising a family and subsequently flying to Russia to bring home her two adopted daughters. And of course, dreaming of writing.

In 2007 Jane celebrates the release of her fourth book. HIRING CUPID, a fun and sexy read that will leave you searching for your very own Cupid.
With her family growing up, life is a round of playing mum's taxi service, all the while wondering what her hero and heroine are up to behind her back! Writing is Jane’s addiction - and it sure beats housework.

Christmas is coming and my new release DESPERATELY SEEKING SANTA really sets the mood with a snowstorm preventing my characters from leaving a department store. Trouble is they’re the only two in there and heat and lust and all those things that keep you warm get in the way.

Well… that would only work if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and I don’t. I’m down in New Zealand where Christmas means it’s summer and the beach and the aroma of the barbecue wafts across the back lawns of the neighborhood.
So how do I write about snowstorms an winter Christmas? Good friends whose brains I can pick and a lot of traveling in my misspent youth always seems to come up trumps for.

DESPERATELY SEEKING SANTA (puffing out chest here!!! Is ALREADY #5 in Red Rose Publishing top ten list), started out as a competition entry. The theme was to be a reunion. I have always loved Christmas stories, the sense of hope they can bring. So once I had chosen my ‘theme’ of Christmas, I had to decided how to reunite my hero and heroine and how could I hurt them? I mean how could a reunion be good if the hero was dumped by the heroine five years ago on Christmas day, and to make it worse, it had been their wedding day?

So once I found out their back ground, dug deep as to what their angst and pasts were, loading a guilt and a lust and memories that had never gone away, well, we were on the road to desperation.

So there I was writing up a storm. Outside it was sweltering about 85degF and little ‘ol me at my computer, dreaming up snowstorms and the slush. Probably quite apt, actually when you think about it, sitting in 100% humidity.

But writing is wonderful fantasy and it doesn’t matter where you live, what age you are or your experiences, fantasy and dreams and a very active imagination are wonderful things to a writer.

This Christmas, my whanau (family) and I will be spending it with my cousins, so that just as when we were children, our children can experience the wonderful fun filled Christmas day experience that has become our cherished memories.
Dreams are made of those days. The tree surrounded with gifts, the turkey and ham ready to eat, lots of salads and best of all our family two favorites. Kumara Pie and Pavlova.

Here’s the recipe for Pavlova, a meringue exterior, marshmallow like inside desert that is from heaven!

4 egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
¼ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vinegar
1 cup castor sugar 2 teaspoons cornflour/cornstarch

Preheat the oven to 150°C(Gas Mark 2). Beat egg whites and salt in a bowl until soft peaks form. Gradually add the castor sugar while beating. Continue until stiff peaks form. Beat in the remaining ingredients, vanilla essence, vinegar and cornflour. Turn mixture out onto a baking paper covered tray. Shape into a circle approximately 23 cm (9 in) in diameter.

Reduce oven temperature to 140°C. Bake for 15 minutes, then further reduce the oven temperature to 120°C and bake for 1 ¼ hours. Cool completely in the oven. Top with whipped cream.

Topping ideas:
Sliced kiwifruit, peaches, strawberries
Grated chocolate

I have had Pavlova and this stuff is out of this world! Good stuff! :)

Up next some excerpts from her story!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Guest Author

Tomorrow, Jane Beckenham will be visiting my blog. It's going to be a blast! You cannot miss this.

See you then!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Wynneter's Dream

Is out now!!!!!!!!!! Yay me! lol

Here is the blurb:
Being the new winter fairy has lots of challenges for Wynne. Her parents are gone and she is left to face things on her own. Can she have the strength come Christmas or will all her hopes be dashed?

I would love to hear comments or just click on the cover too. :)

Red Rose Publishing Christmas Contest!

A Grand Christmas Competition
Brought to you by
The Authors of

We are happy to announce that there will be four competitions, each will be made up of eight questions and there will be at least eight prizes for the winner of each competition.

Yes, one lucky winner will win eight prizes and there are four chances to be a winner! So four competitions and four winners of at least eight prizes each!
Details of how to enter at the bottom of each contest.

Contest one.
Entrants for this please put Christmas contest one in the address line.

1) QUESTION: What movie was Denise watching the night before she traveled back in time and changed places with Davida? From the book Seducing Sir Gwain by Shari Dare
You can find the answer at:
URL: Writing as Shari Dare tab or the Red Rose Publishing site.

2)QUESTION: How many blocks does she have to walk one night after work? From the book Disoriented Dress by Liam Stalls.
You can find the answer at:

3)Question:What is the name of the hero of WICKED PLEASURES? By Tambra Kendall.
You can find the answer at:

4) Question: Why was a curse placed upon Prince Tristan? From the book Beth and the Dark Prince by M.A. Gonzales
You can find the answer at under the Beth and the Dark Prince excerpt.

5) Question: In the paragraph from Infidelity, By Deborah Gould, what had always been Dan and Melanie’s motto? Answer at

6) Question: From The book Thieves In the Night by Raven Starr
What is the name of the glyph at the back of Femi’s neck?
Answer in excerpt on the books page at

7) Question: What was the tattoo artist told about the tattoo from the book Pleasure After the Pain by Savannah Chase?
The url and location where the answer can be found.

8) Question: From Chateau Despair by Linda Sole
What did Madame Fanchot do with the child she helped bring into the world?
You can find the answer in the excerpt at (click on author's name to find excerpt)

Prizes for Contest One

PRIZE: A download of SEDUCING SIR GWAIN by Shari Dare and the winner's name in Filet Crochet.
PRIZE: An ebook of DISORIENTATED Dress By Liam Stalls.
PRIZE: An ebook of Wicked Pleasures
PRIZE: an ebook of Beth and the Dark Prince by M.A. Gonzales.
PRIZE: an ebook of Mountains Echo by Debbie Gould, also a pen, bookmark and calendar.
PRIZE: an ebook of Thieves in the Night by Raven Starr.
PRIZE: A perfume atomiser, small bottle of Giorgio Eau de Parfum, Regency paperback (winner’s choice of two offered) and a bar of special chocolate

This completes the first contest. Please send your answers marked Christmas contest one to

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This contest was sponsored by Shari Dare, Liam stalls, M.A Gonzales, Deborah Gould, Raven Starr, Savannah Chase, Tambra KendallLinda Sole

Now take a look at contest two. You may enter one or all of the contests according to your wish.

Christmas Contest Two

1) Question: In the book When Dreams Come True by Patricia Cromwell, Kenneth and Chris had a memorable meeting. She found the shoes he was wearing somewhat interesting. What brand of shoes did Kenneth have on?
Find the answer at: (you may have to type in this addy)

2) Question: From the book Fantasies: Thanksgiving by Cassandra Gold
What is the name of the spa Teddy and Parker go to?
URL for answer--
3) Question: From the book Pure Magic by Anne Sorgeson, what is the author’s favourite magic trick?
You can find the answer at:
On the same page as Anne’s books.

4) Question: What is the name of the dictator and how does it seem to describe some of his policies? From the book Rock Bound by Rochelle Weber
Find the answer at:
5) Question: Of what is the plate made from which Nakht tries to feed captive Elissa? Find answer at:
One third of the way down the Passion’s Choice excerpt.
6) Question: What is the name of the bar Jessa Kincaid enters in the book Phoenix Rising by Kaitlin Maitland? The answer can be found at on the Books page.
7) Question: From the book Stolen Memories by Taylor Kincaid, what is buried beneath the tree in Stolen Memories?
Find the answer at Red Rose website:
Click on Authors, Taylor Kincaid. Click on book cover Stolen Memories, answer in excerpt.
8) Question from the book No Sex Necessary from Jane Beckenham, what is the name of the hero’s development company?
Find the answer at:

Prizes for Contest two
A gift certificate from Red Rose Publishing and a copy of When Dreams come True By Pat Cromwell.
A handmade beaded book thong.
A download of Pure Magic/Anne Sorgeson.
An ebook copy of Rock Bound/Rochelle Weber
Something Egyptian.
$10 gift certificate from fictionwise.
An ebook copy of Stolen Memories by Taylor Kincaid
A pictorial New Zealand calendar

This completes contest two.
Send your answers to to reach me by not later than midnight 15th December 2008.
This contest was sponsored by: Patricia Cromwell, Cassandra Gold, Anne Sorgeson, Rochelle Weber, |Janis Susan May, Kaitlin Maitland, Taylor Kincaid, Jane Beckenham

Now look for contest three and good luck. You can enter one or all the contests. One lucky winner will win all eight prizes. Good luck!


1) Question: From the book Winter’s Fyre by Carolyn Gregg, what was the stranger wearing that first made Shelly suspect something unusual was going on?
Answer can be found.

2) Question: What scraped Laila’s legs and belly? From the book Slave Girl by Sheniqua Waters. Answer at:

3) Question: What does Sam do to eliminate some sexual tension? From Mary Pope’s book Choices.
Find the answer at:

4) Question: In the book Caliente by Rebecca Myers, Ruby Chavez has a tattoo on her body. What does the tattoo depict? Answer at:

5) Question: In the book Now Playing by Mechele Wade, who did Michael want to play with and what is her husband’s name?
Answer can be found in the excerpt on website under new releases:

6) Question: In the book Eureka Point by Betty Ann Harris, Katie Montgomery’s estranged husband is a wanted criminal. Who did Katie’s husband Craig become involved with?
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7) Question: From the book Dancing with Tad by Sam Cheever, how does Tad the demon refer to Thadeous Johannsen in the Trailer for Dancing with Tad?
Answer at:

8) Question: From the book Who Am I? By Jade Twilight, who is after Sage?
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Prizes for contest three
An ebook copy of Winter’s Fyre by Carolyn Gregg or another of her books currently available (winner’s choice)
A five star caramel bar from Lake Camplain.
An ebook copy of Choices by Mary Pope
A bookmark in the shape of Ruby’s tattoo
An ebook copy of Now Playing by Mechele Wade
An ebook copy of Eureka Point by Betty Ann Harris
Long sleeved Tad t-shirt and matching thong or one item of choice from Sam Cheever’s online store.
An ebook copy of Who Am I? By Jade Twilight

Send your answers to
To reach me by midnight December 15th.
This completes contest three. Now look for the last contest.
You can enter one or all contests. Each contest will be won by one lucky entrant.

This contest was sponsored by
Carolyn Gregg, Sheniqua Waters, Mary Pope, Rebecca Myers, Mechele Wade,
Betty Ann Harris, Sam Cheever, Jade Twilight.
Good luck!


1) Question: From The book When Mariah Smiles by Delores Walker, where did Jessica’s parents live? The answer can be found at

2) Question: From the book Emerald City by Melody Knight, who comes to help Claudia when she becomes lost in the dessert?
The url and location where the answer can be found. at bottom of Emerald City excerpt
3) Question: What are the names of the characters from Marie Rochelle’s Christmas Special Delivery2 :Heat Me Up? The answer can be found at :
4)Question: From the book Forever Tonight by Tarra Newlands, what is Brian’s best friend’s name? Answer @
5) Question: From the book Promises By Laverne Thompson, how long does Mia wait for David to come back to her? Answer at
6)Question: From the book Adam and Eve by Megan Rose, what is Adam’s job?
Find the answer at
7) From the book Judgement By fire by Glyns O’Connell, what is the name of the police chief in West River? Find the answer at:
8) Question: Give me the title of two books by Linda Sole from the Coming Soon In Print Page.

PRIZES for contest four

An ebook copy of When Maria Smiles by Delores Walker
An ebook copy of Emerald City by Molody Knight
A pdf copy of one of Marie Rochelle’s current releases
An ebook copy of Forever Tonight
An ebook copy of Promises by Laverne Thompson
An ebook copy of Adam and Eve by Megan Rose
A print copy of Judgement by Fire ( as soon as print is available hopefully before Christmas.)
A box Of Hotel Chocolate Christmas treats and a necklace with earrings (costume jewellery)

Bonus prize for one lucky person other than a main contest winner: Send in an icon of your choice from
Find them either on the home page or a coming soon icon
Bonus prize is:
A pretty purse and a bar of chocolate.

This completes our Grand Christmas Contest!

Contest four was sponsored by Delores Walker, Melody Knight, Marie Rochelle, Tarra Newlands, Megan Rose, La Verne Thompson, Linda Sole

Please send your answers to to reach me not later than 15th December 2008 and good luck. Please mark your contest Christmas Contest four.
Good luck! And Happy Christmas to you all!

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Okay Red Rose has one coming up here soon!

But for now Samhain has an awesome contest!

Here is the link to check it out:

Good luck to all!!